Visualization of warm air released into a colder airstream.


This is how it looks like for almost all ventilation intakes and exhaust.


The method used here is optical and called Schlieren.

We are specialists in how fluids move. Most known forms of fluid are gas, liquid and particles. When they are mixed they are often called multiphase. Fluid Dynamics is used wherever fluids moving. Examples include weather, wind, airplane, boats, water, supply and sanitation, medicine, chemistry, process, oil and gas.

We are also specialists on how thermal energy propagates. This is often called thermodynamics and heat transfer, and used everywhere where temperature changes. Examples are sun, climate, energy, processes, combustion, heating and cooling.






Fluid Dynamics AS

Klevgaten 10, 4838 Arendal

989933434 MVA, Norway


(+47) 906 47 640


We are specialists in the use of data in our work. CFD is a widely used computer program to calculate and analyze how fluid and thermal energy behaves under different conditions. This is an advanced, heavy tool, so we often use other simpler applications that are faster and more economic for special purposes.


We are the best on the analysis. Therefore we have many computer programs for this. The most advanced programs for statistical analysis are called Multivariate Analysis. They are used in chemistry to detect substances and properties. A similar principle is used in Neural Network, which teaches itself to find the best answer.


We have also made ​​hundreds of small and large computer programs. There's almost not a computer language for technical programming we have not used. Everything from Basic, FORTRAN, Pascal and Visual C + +. In the recent years we have gone over to graphical programming. Today we are using Lab View for almost all engineering applications.


We have our own workshop where we make all kind of small models and test rigs. The workshop is very well fitted with the latest tools. It has advanced numerical milling machine and lathe from Sherline Products. Our material storage is stocked with metal, plastic and wood.


Our laboratory has advanced instruments for signal analysis. It has fast oscilloscope, data loggers and measure instruments. Often, we must create our own electronics for signal processing. The store is stocked with sensors and electrical components.


We also often perform field measurements. For such projects, we have special instruments.


Terje Toften specialized in experimental methods at the University of Hertfordshire. In his doctoral thesis, he used large wind tunnels, Laser Dopler, Hot-Wire, Schlieren optics and other advanced methods.


The company registration address is

Borggata 12A, 0650 Oslo.


Our office is located in Arendal city.

Post and visit address is:

Fluid Dynamics AS

Klevgaten 10

4838 Arendal


Entrance from the city centre up Klevgaten

Entrance by car down from Høyveien 28


Besides good contact with several universities and research institutions, we have several partners who can increase our capacity and expand our services. Some of those we are working with now are:


iSens AS

Intelligent Sensors for Safety, Health & Environment




Sensorteknikk AS

Sensorer, Målesystem, Elektronikk




CFD programmet Phoenics



Sherline Products, USA

Lathes and milling machines



Dr. Terje H. Toften



Have taken Plumber craft certificate, did Masters as engineer (MSc) at the University of Trondheim 1987 Also Doctorate (PhD) from the University of Hertfordshire, UK


Worked in Techno Consult AS, R&D Dept.

1988-1993 Owned the company Flow Consult AS 1993-2000. Lars Myhre AS built up the Fire Department. 2000-2004 ÅF Norway R&D Specialist. 2005-2011 Now Fluid Dynamics AS Manager.





We mainly offer the following services


 Consulting - Specialists in Fluid- and Thermodynamics. Our areas of expertise are general and used in many different industries. We use CFD, advanced analysis software and measure technique.

 Research and Development - Cooperation with other companies. Participation in small and large research. We have our own workshop, laboratory and instrument.

 Products and systems – Tailored. Measuring systems with sensors, electronics and software. Computer software for engineering calculations and analyze.

 Sales of software and tools. CFD program Phoenics. Sherline milling and lathe tools.



The company was founded 08.05.2006.
Registration number: 989 933 434 MVA
Legal Form: Private Limited Company


Knowledge Oriented Services
Investment, sales and agency


Owner and manager of the company
Terje Håkon Toften












SPG - Separator Profile Gauger, Sensorteknikk

Laboratory for signal analyze

Simulation of cooling chilled ceiling, ABB