In addition to consultancy, we offer several products. Our classics are technical software and systems that we develop and tailor to customer needs. We have developed hundreds of small and large computer programs. Through our partner ships, we develop virtually all kind of measuring equipment related to Fluid Dynamics. We also sell Sherline numerical milling machine and lathe, which we have chosen as the best products to our laboratory and workshop. We also work closely with Cham selling CFD program Phoenics. This has been our best choice since us, as the first consultant in Norway, started using CFD commercially.






Fluid Dynamics AS

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We are agent for Sherline Products Inc


The world's most complete line of
bench mounted lathe and milling machine
with high precision and lots of accessories
for light industrial and home workshop.
We deliver manual, digital and numerical.


This is the best tool we have chosen for our own workshop. It is ideal for smaller works and models, where there are high demands on precision and easy to use.


Please contact us for further information. See more on Sherline's website.



We have made ​​hundreds of small and large computer programs for technical calculation and analysis. Most of our programs are self-contained and has a menu-driven user interface. But we also make invisible help programs for various purposes. These are used for example for special analysis and presentation of data and CFD results.


There's almost not a computer language for technical programming we have not used. Everything from Basic, FORTRAN, Pascal and Visual C + +. In recent years we have gone over to graphical object programming. We use Lab View to almost all of our technical programs. With Lab View, it is easy to collect data continuously from all kinds of instruments. Our program is very well suited to process large quantities of technical data. The programs are modern and easy to use, at the same time that we save time on programming.



We use CFD to compute three-dimensional movement of fluid and thermal energy.


Cham Ltd. UK was established by Professor Spalding in 1974. The company develops and sells the CFD program Phoenics. This was the first commercial CFD software on the market. It is therefore one of the best developed programs, that has been, quality assured over long time by users worldwide. Phoenics has been the leader in the market that has been copied by many others. We started to use Phoenics in 1988 and have over 25 years of experience with this program. We have been an agent of Cham in the Nordic countries for more than 15 years. We have held CFD seminars in Oslo, Trondheim, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Copenhagen. We still help on sales and support.


We have also experience with other CFD programs like Fluent, FIDAP, ANSYS and newer software. We have used the Finite Element Method (FEM) for calculation of strength and deformation of complex structures.

CFD -  Computational Fluid Dynamics 









New measurement system developed for Norsk Hydro to measure condensate in natural gas.


The pictures show the full scale testing at Kårstø in 2005.


Inventor of the measurement system WFA is Sensorteknikk AS.

Quick coupling, Odim

Body Fitted Coordinates

DSA - Dynamic Signal Analyser