With 30 years of experience built up a considerable number of references.


There are several different types of references, ranging from articles in journals and presentations at seminars and conferences, to heavier scientific publications. There are also many important reports that have been used as reference in our further work. Other references are a number of developed measurement systems, technical solutions and products, which are installed and in use. A number of clients are also included as a natural reference.

The Conference hall at Brunstad

Oslofjord Convention Center has space for 7500 persons.








Fluid Dynamics AS

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989933434 MVA, Norway

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Membership in some Associations:


ASME  -The American Society of
        Mechanical Engineers

ESRA  - Skinnegående Sikkerhetsforum

       (Rail Security Forum)

FFBB  - Forum for Byggemessig Brannvern

       (Forum Structural Fire Protection)

TEKNA -Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelig Forening

        (Tech-Science Association)

Norwegian Association for Wind Engineering



A glimpse at our clients (original name):


Building and Construction: Alliance, Boro Elconsult, Brunstad Senter, Erichsen & Horgen, Lars Myhre, Oslo Energi, ENSI, FB, OSL, Oslo Havnevesen (OHV), Peab, ROM Eiendom, MultiConsult, Techno Consult, Telenor, Norsk Gjenvinning, UiO, ÅF, og mange Arkitekter, Rådgivere og Utbyggere.


Industrial: ABB, Arcus Kjemi, Arbaflame AS, Elkem Technology, Eramet Sauda, Islandic Alloys, IVAR Stavanger, Kværner Eureka, NBI, Nexans Halden, Jotun Sandefjord.


Oil and Gas: ABB Offshore systems, Agip Norge, Aker Engineering, Esso Norway, Fred Olsen Drilling, Kværner Oil & Gas, Maritime Tentech, Norsk Hydro, Phillips Petroleum, Saga Petroleum, Shell, Statoil, Umeo Oil & Gas.


Transport: AS Oslo Sporveier (KTP), JBV Region Øst (JBV), Norges Statsbaner (NSB), Samferdselsetaten, og flere Vegkontorer.



A small selection of buildings, facilities and installations where we have had an impact:


Offshore & Ship: Aasgaard B, Banff Vessel, Bideford Dolphin FPU, Borgland Dolphin FPU, Ekofisk 2/4J, Grane, Gullfaks C, Heimdal riser, Jotun WHP, Oseberg East, Ringhorn, Siri Jackup rig, Troll A (the world largest), Visund FPU.


Construction: Aker Brygge, Alexandrian Library (Snøhetta), Brunstad Centre, Fernley Custodia museum, Freia, Jotun Paint Factory Justervesenets Laboratory Building, Oslo Concert Hall, Nexans cable factory, Norges Bank, Telenor, Viking ship in Hamar, and a number of schools, shopping, hospitals and industrial buildings.


Site: Gardermoen Airport, the National Theater Railway station, The metro subway system in Oslo, Homansbyen Station municipal wastewater in Stavanger (IVAR), metro ring with Nydalen station and a number of tunnels and metal, Furnace plants.


We are quite proud of our contribution to the Norwegian regulations. Guidance for design of thermal and mechanical smoke ventilation, Government Building Technology and Administration (BE), HO-5/89. Last revised edition is HO-3/2000.


The planning and Building Law set requirements for buildings in Norway. Under this law includes regulations by the technical requirements for construction, also called TEK10. Guidance to this regulation specifies performance requirements for pre-accepted solutions. Where this guidelines affecting thermal and mechanical smoke ventilation measures, it refer to the theme manual HO-3/2000 for details.


Guidance HO-3/2000 contains a lot of theory on the development of fire and smoke in buildings that we collected from the best communities in the world. This guide can therefore be used for much more than just smoke ventilation. Anyone who wants to be good fire advisers should read and understand the contents of this guide.


We have participated and contributed with presentations at many international seminars and conferences. We have also written popular articles in local journals, and published scientific material in renowned international journals.


Download an overview of our international publications here:


International Publications.pdf


Download our latest Phoenics Conference paper here:


Phoenics Conference.pdf


Download our latest Norwegian article here:






We have always had a strong focus on training and courses.


Externally, we have held many courses and lectures to share our expertise and experiences with other communities. We have arranged CFD seminars in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. We have also held a number of academic seminars and courses for architects and consultants.


We have participated and contributed with presentations at many international seminars and conferences. We have also written popular articles in local journals, and published scientific material in renowned international journals.


Terje Toften has stepped in as a lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire. He has also been an external supervisor and opponent for the degree of Doctor Engineer at the University of Trondheim.










Gas measurements, Colorado, Norsk Hydro

Testing of smoke ventilation,

Lindeberg Subway station


Testing of smoke ventilation, National Theatre,

Train station

CFD - Simulation of wind condition for offshore platforms