CFD simulation of a fire in a train at Nydalen underground subway station in Oslo.


The software used was Phoenics from Cham, UK.

As an expert in fluid and thermodynamics, we are wanted as a specialist in a variety of disciplines. Some of them are described here. Our assignments often consist of finding new and better solutions.
What we do best is Analysis. From a good analysis it is often easy to make correct and economical conclusions. For our analysis to be good enough we often use the very best of advanced computer program for numerical computation and statistical analysis. We also have extensive experience in field measurement and collection of data from processes and installations.






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We have carried out many important activities related to the environment.


First and foremost, we have conducted many studies and activities to improve the indoor environment in different buildings. We have contributed to improve the working environment both inside and outside. For BREEAM certification of buildings we have calculated the dispersion of pollutants into air intakes (see Building & Construction). We have conducted many studies on the distribution of emissions to water and air, both onshore and offshore (see offshore). We have also helped to create better concept for treatment of municipal wastewater (see Industry). Moreover, we also participated in developing new technologies for monitoring contaminated discharges (see R&D). Especially the monitoring of de-icing fluid to the groundwater at Gardermoen Airport, and monitoring of oil in surface water at military airports.


We are quite proud that we have participated to create the Troll A, the world's largest platform, 472m high.


We have also assisted to create more than a dozen other platforms for oil and gas production in the North Sea. Our contribution has been mainly Environmental Flow Studies, where we have used CFD to evaluate the safety and environment. In these projects we have simulated flare (flare) and Cold Vent, and many other tasks related to fire and explosion (see Fire). We have also simulated discharge of pollutants to the air, especially from Gas Turbines and Diesel Engines. We have calculated the wind pressure on the ventilation intake and exhaust for the Living Quarters. We have studied the outdoor environment and wind chill (WCI). We have analyzed the indoor working environment, particularly in connection with the cleaning of mud with Shale Shakers. Included in the Environmental Flow Studies have also been the location and evaluation of conditions around helidecks.


We have done many big projects for the industry.


Oil and gas production is the industry field we have done most projects. This particularly applies to the Environmental Flow Study for a number of installations in the North Sea (see Offshore). But we have also been working for years to develop new technologies for oil and gas separation and multiphase measurements (see R&D). Another major industry we have worked extensively for is the metal production, industry, especially in collaboration with Elkem Technology. The problems have been related significantly to the drain front, furnace mantle and mantle cooling. It should be noted that we also have develop a better concept on the treatment of municipal wastewater.


Another group of industries we have worked for, deliver manufactured products. In special we should mention Kvaerner Eureka, which we have helped to develop better drums for the paper industry. We have also worked for other manufacturers, which is Mjørud and Arcus Chemistry.


We like to think we helped that Norway won three gold medals and world records in speed skating at Viking ship during the Olympics in Lillehammer in 1994. We used CFD to identify optimal atmospheric conditions for skaters over the ice surface.


We have also contributed to better solutions for other sports, such as swimming facilities and football pitches. For example, this applies Frogner in Oslo and Moldø football stadium.


Most focus lately has been on natural and artificial grass on outdoor courts. We have recently developed special software for optimizing the energy consumption and increase the court quality.


Energy is often in focus in our projects.


We have worked with various energy sources such as wind and solar. But mostly, we have worked to reduce the need for energy, and to utilize heating and cooling optimally. Our largest customer group is HVAC advisors, improving indoor air quality and the environment. We calculate indoor climate in large open areas for the public, natural ventilation, water distributed heating, heat recovery, heat radiation, and air cooling of the transformation stations and computers rooms, etc.


Solar heating and outdoor climate are natural factors we often work with. Examples include air conditioning in buildings and atrium of glass, street heating and sports facilities with natural grass, artificial grass and ice.


Industry has the greatest energy need. We have worked with processing plants and cooling of large melting furnaces, thermal optimization of paper drums and many other products.


Our longest and largest experience is as specialist for Buildings and Constructions.


The main areas in which we contributing are for HVAC Advisors (RIV) and fire safety Advisors (RIBR) (see separate section). But we have also assisted Electrical Advisors (RIE) on cooling, civil block Engineers (RIB) on wind loads on structures and architects (ARK) on sun, snow and outdoor environment.


Our largest customer group is HVAC (RIV). Many of the tasks are related to energy (see separate section). Some are related to the Industry (see separate section). Other typical tasks are usually related to improve indoor climate and environment. In the past we have conducted several outdoor CFD analysis of pollution in air intakes, for BREEAM certification of existing buildings.



Counseling on Fire safety and Risk Analysis has been our specialty for years. It was in connection with the development of oil and gas production in the North Sea the demand for our expertise in the fire safety really took off. We conducted analyzes and studies of fire safety and risk analysis in a number of new installations in the North Sea for many different oil companies. These studies included simulation of probable fire scenario, evacuation, fire extinguishing, natural ventilation and detection of gas leaks, and risk associated with explosion. We have been pioneers who developed several new methods to ensure fire safety. We also have extensive and varied experience as a Fire Consultant for Building and Construction. We have worked with all types of buildings from kindergarten to elderly centers. Most exciting has been to work with major industries, tunnels and underground facilities. We have also carried out full-scale fire tests of underground subway stations and participated to make Norwegian guidance on Thermal and Mechanical Ventilation Smoke HO-3/2000.










Ferro manganese,

Eramet, Sauda

Paperdrum, Elkem

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Oseberg East — Helikopterdeck

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Artificial grass



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Improved treatment of municipal waste water.